Nearly 25 years of climbing have taken a toll on my body and in the last decade I’ve experienced recurring shoulder issues. After a few sessions with Will my form has improved and I’ve been injury free for the past year. Will is a real deal climber AND Physiotherapist so he can really understand not just where his patients have come from but also where they want to go.
— Paul McSorley, All Mountain Athlete

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Between having a desk job, trying to climb at a high level and training improperly, I have had a variety of injuries, the worst being a shoulder injury that has continued to affect my climbing performance two years later.

I have seen several physiotherapists, most of them being excellent in certain ways, but even though I was pain free, I knew that my shoulder was still weak through certain ranges of movement. I met Will when I signed up for the Level Up training program at the Ground Up Climbing Centre and was impressed at his knowledge and attention to detail when it came to proper form during climbing and training exercises. I went to see him to specifically address the issues I was having. Will quickly diagnosed the weaknesses in my shoulder (and a few other lingering injuries) and didn’t overwhelm me with exercises, so that it didn’t feel too onerous to do them daily.

Within only a week I saw marked improvement. Will continually followed up with me outside of my scheduled appointment time and was as keen as I was to see my injuries resolve. This level of commitment to his clients has been unprecedented in my experience and I am psyched to continue to work with him to be able to climb at my full potential. I will carry on raving about him to everyone I know!
— Emilisa Frirdich, Climber and ACMG Rock Guide

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Will’s business model sucks. He shows you how to fix yourself.
— Dave Williams, small business owner
I went for a consultation with Will after a climbing accident. I had a serious fall from 4m high - I fell head first after making a very bad mistake rapelling. Thankfully I was wearing a helmet and was unbelievably lucky to not break any bones in my body. However, I could feel a sharp pain in my spine and especially the lower back.

One month after the accident I started to climb again at Ground Up, mostly bouldering at the beginning. The pain was still very present, mostly when jumping off the wall or on more difficult moves. It was difficult to trust my body again, to know whether it would get better, and to know if it was safe for me to climb again… My mind would build up so many stories because the fall was very traumatizing. Sometimes I would feel great but then doubt would return. 

I decided to ask a physiotherapist. That’s how I met Will. He helped me find trust in my body again. I had to understand that my body was still healing and not broken and that my pain was not a problem that had to be fixed but was part of the healing process. Some exercises helped the recovery process but time and trust were the key. In my case I really needed a professional to check my spine in order to help build back confidence. William did great work with me. Thanks a lot !
— Yann, Rock Climber
In May 2016, I sustained a heartbreaking injury: a ligament tear in my ankle just three short months before my first 50km trail running race. My doctor confined me to crutches until I could weight bear, strongly stating that I would never race. Devastated, I started seeing Will.

Will’s focussed approach had me back to training quickly. He didn’t just become my physiotherapist, he also became my coach. What I love about Will the most is that he doesn’t just focus on the injury at hand. Instead, he analyzes your entire body to determine where imbalances are in order to both correct the injury AND provide preventative work to keep injuries at bay. He doesn’t just provide standard “physio” exercises, he reviewed my training plan with me, adapting it and adding strength training as part of my recovery.

When I finally did get back to running (just four weeks later!), I was stronger than before my injury and my times were faster! With Will’s help, I competed in and finished the 50km race. I continue to see Will for preventative work to stay strong as my mileage increases. In short, Will is my secret weapon.
— Lara Sharp, Ultra Runner