I’m not progressing as quickly as I would have expected. 

All injuries have an expected healing time. We’ll first look to see where you fall within that timeline. If you’re within it, we’ll do our best at explaining what you can expect during your recovery, and make sure your program is up to date based on the natural healing process. If you’re falling behind, we’ll look at how we can get you back on track and adjust your program accordingly.

My pain is getting worse.

Our goal is to help you understand your pain so you know how to manage it independently. We may need to pull back on your activity levels or ramp them up. We may need to explore the purpose of pain and how it works, or clarify persistent and harmful myths around pain. Everyone is different and finding what works for you is the key. If we can’t help, we’ll make sure to refer you to someone who can. Regardless, we need to get to the bottom of this.

I haven’t followed the plan we laid out at the start.

This is common but not entirely on you. We try to get the plan right the first time around but it is sometimes difficult to do. We may not have properly understood your needs and started you off on a plan that was too difficult, required too much equipment, made you feel uncomfortable, or wasn’t time sensitive. Let us know what didn’t work so that we can find something that will.

I can’t afford your services.

We’ve implemented a system to help alleviate the financial burden. We reserve spots within our schedule for people who need to pay a lower price. Give us a ring at 604.243.1634 to find out how we might be able to help you.

I have progressed but now things seem to have slowed or even plateaued.

Plateaus typically happen because of three reasons: you’re doing too much, you’re not doing enough, or you need to do something different. We’ll need to make adjustments to your program to help you make sure you’re progressing consistently.

Life has gotten in the way

We get it. Let us know when you want to start again.

I thought my injury was healed but I pushed a bit harder than usual and now it’s back.

With a little luck you would have only caused aggravation to the existing injury without re-injury. We’ll need to check-in to see what really happened, and discuss how to avoid this in the future.

Something else started to hurt.

This is perhaps more common than you would expect, and happens for various reasons. If it’s related to the existing injury, it’s often mild and a small change to your program will likely make a difference.  

My exercises have become easy but I’m still not reaching my goals.

We’ll evaluate your current program and progress it to ensure we’re working towards meeting the loading goals of your body and its tissues. Depending on your stage of recovery, or your prevention and/ or performance goals we may look at using the following types of exercises: range of motion, motor control, endurance, strength, power, power-endurance, stamina.

My exercises don’t seem to be getting any easier

There’s always a reason for why exercises aren’t getting easier. Is it because they’re still causing you pain? Is it because they were too hard to begin with? We’ll need to re-adjust the program so that you stay motivated and continue working towards meeting your goals.

I forgot what I was supposed to do

Send us a quick email and we’ll either re-send the program or give you a quick call to make sure you understand what you’re supposed to be doing.

I’ve lost motivation and have given up on my program.

This is not an uncommon problem and there are a lot of reasons for why this may happen. Often times we lose motivation when we’re not meeting our goals or don’t see the progress we were expecting. It’s important we re-evaluate your goals and the expected timeframe so that we can make sure you stay motivated and continue progressing. It’s perfectly normal to want to take a break. We’ll be ready for when you want to start again.  

I don’t know how long of an appointment to book.

  • Our preference for follow-up appointments is 45 minutes. This gives us plenty of time to evaluate your current plan and progress it.

  • If you like to keep it short and simple, feel free to book a 30 minute consult.

  • If we haven’t seen you for more than a month, it’s best to book at least 45 minutes.

  • If you’re booking for a new concern, please book 1 hour. We’ll do a full assessment and make sure you come away with a few things to work on before you leave.

  • If you’d like to tackle more than one thing at a time it’s best to book for one hour.

  • If you just need a quick check-in on exercise form, or if you’d like to ask a few questions call us to book a 15 min consult. We can do these over the phone or in clinic.

  • Skype or phone calls are available for follow-up appointments if you’re traveling.

  • We can also do assessments over skype for BC residents but always recommend doing these in-person if at all possible.


Do you have a speed bump we haven’t covered? Let us know so that we can add it to the list!