Initial Consult - 1 hour: $125

If you're a new client, or accessing our services for a new concern, please book this consult.

Subsequent Visits:

 1 hour: $125

45 min: $90

30 min: $70

15 min: $40

How long should I book for? 

  • Our preference for follow-up appointments is 45 minutes. This gives us plenty of time to evaluate your current plan and progress it.

  • If you like to keep it short and simple, feel free to book a 30 minute consult.

  • If we haven’t seen you for more than a month, it’s best to book at least 45 minutes.

  • If you’re booking for a new concern, please book 1 hour. We’ll do a full assessment and make sure you come away with a few things to work on before you leave.

  • If you’d like to tackle more than one thing at a time it’s best to book for one hour.

  • If you just need a quick check-in on exercise form, or if you’d like to ask a few questions call us to book a 15 min consult. We can do these over the phone or in clinic.

  • Skype or phone calls are available for follow-up appointments if you’re traveling.

  • We can also do assessments over skype for BC residents but always recommend doing these in-person if at all possible.

On-site Services

On-site services can be arranged in your Squamish home, in recreational areas, and in most fitness facilities.  

Initial Consult - 1 hour: $125*

Subsequent Visit - 1 hour: $125*

*Fees charged by facilities for use of their space are not included