Registered Physiotherapist and Owner

William Bateman owns and operates ProjectPhysio.com, a clinic and website designed to help his clients recover from injury, prevent injury, and overcome performance plateaus. Will’s practice is guided by two principles: he uses science and evidence to help guide treatment decisions, and believes that knowledge is power - the more you know, the better your outcome. He places an emphasis on active recovery, self-directed pain management strategies, pain neuroscience, and graded exercise programs to help his clients reach their goals. 

Will is responsible for developing and managing the Ground Up Performance Team, bringing together healthcare providers, climbing coaches, strength and conditioning specialists, and exercise physiologists to provide climbers with sport-specific services. His team is constantly re-evaluating the best tools for measuring performance and preventing injury in climbers. He currently oversees athlete monitoring and injury prevention for the Ground Up Youth Competitive Climbing Team and the Quest University Climbing Team. Will has developed numerous injury prevention programs for climbers, skiers, snowboarders, runners, and swimmers, and has spoken about the topic throughout Canada and the USA. He also runs chronic pain education workshops to help demystify the complexities of pain. 

Will is a mentor with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association - Pain Science Division for clinicians looking to learn the latest in pain neurophysiology and its application to rehabilitative sciences

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Nina tappin, PT

Registered Physiotherapist

Owner ClimbingPhysiotherapy.com

Nina Tappin has been treating sports injuries since she graduated as a physiotherapist from McGill University in Montreal, Canada in 1999.  She has a wealth of experience in treating rock climbers, university athletes and general orthopaedic cases.

Nina is a member of the U.K. ACPSEM (Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sport & Exercise Medicine) and has her Silver level of accreditation. She has been mentored by some of the top physiotherapists in sport in the U.K..

Nina has been a dedicated rock climber since 2000, and has been treating rock climbing related injuries ever since.  She has treated some of Britain’s elite rock climbers, such as, Hazel Findlay, Ben West, Neil Gresham, Tim Emmett, and Charlie Woodburn.  Nina has also treated members of the GB lead climbing, and bouldering junior and senior teams.  She treats novice and intermediate level climbers on a regular basis.

Nina writes articles in Rock & Ice, CLIMB magazine and on UKC website.  She also teaches “Common Climbing Injuries & Injury Prevention” Modules to climbers and instructors at various climbing walls, and on Neil Gresham’s Masterclass Academy Coaching Course.

Nina has a special interest in injury prevention amongst children and females in sport.  She is also interested in advising women who are pregnant, and/or recovering from birth on how to exercise, and climb safely.