Registered Physiotherapist


William Bateman owns and operates ProjectPhysio.com, a clinic and website designed to help his clients recover and prevent injury, and overcome performance plateaus. He is also responsible for developing and managing the Ground Up Performance Team, bringing together healthcare providers, climbing coaches, and strength and conditioning coaches to provide climbers with sport-specific services. Will has developed a fitness baseline assessment for climbers with the goal of streamlining training programs. With over 50 participants, the data set can predict a climber’s strengths from their weaknesses so they know how to get the most out of their training program. He's currently developing similar fitness tests for skiers and runners. Will has also developed numerous injury prevention programs for climbers, skiers, snowboarders, runners, and swimmers, and has spoken about the topic throughout Canada and the USA.

Will's practice is guided by two principles. 1) He is an evidence-based practitioner, using the best available research, combined with clinical expertise, and client preferences to make informed decisions about one's care. If you're looking for some hokey pokey cure-all, he's not your guy. 2) Knowledge is power: the more you know, the better your outcome. His job is done when a client leaves his clinic armed with the tools and knowledge to help them achieve their goals.